How Nintendo Forced Gender on Gaming!

Blog Post - NES Gender Gaming
We’ve all heard it before,

“Video Games are for boys!”

But that hasn’t always been true!

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7 Things MY kids value more than MONEY!

Blog Post - 7 Things my kids value more than money
Both my kids have “Piggy Banks” and they absolutely love when they get a shiny new coin or bill to shove into them!
My youngest has no idea WHAT money is, only being 1½ years old, but my oldest, at 5, is quickly learning it’s value.  Even if he thinks everything is a “Quarter”!
Luckily, there are a few things my kids value more than money!

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Christmas Already?

Blog Post - Christmas Already
It might be too soon for your little ones to make their Christmas Lists, but it’s never too soon to start filling it!
Many new parents tend to get hit hard financially when the calendar flips over into December.
It’s easy to forget about your child’s Christmas wishes this early in the year, but planning ahead now could lead to a smooth and stress free Holiday Season!

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10 Little Things That Make Me Happy!

Blog Post - 10 happy things

So today, I was challenged with making a post about

10 Little Things That Make Me Happy!

Shout out for  on Twitter and Her Post on the same subject!

It’ll be interesting to see just how different, or the same our “Happy Things” are, being that Rebecca lives in the UK, while I live out in the Midwestern United States!


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Diaper Duty Daddy!

Blog Post - DiaperDutyDaddy

The first time I changed my kids diaper was terrifying! I wasn’t really scared of the diaper it’s just that little babies scare the hell out of me!

They’re so tiny and frail looking that I’m ALWAYS scared I might just break them on accident.

Everyone always says that it’ll be different when you have your own kids…  NOPE!!!

My OWN kids scared me even more!  I mean, this little baby was mine, and from the moment I first laid eyes on him, I would do anything to keep him safe.

Then I got put on Diaper Duty!

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Blog Post - Are you trying to hurt yourself

Are you TRYING to hurt yourself?


This is a question I probably ask my five year old on a daily bases.  I feel like I’m getting hurt just watching him play.

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Course, Set, Sail!


Hey everyone!

It’s quickly coming up on Hey You Red Blues


That’s right, In 4 days we will be one month old.

So I’ve decided to let you all in on our progress so far.

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Blog Post – Time for your Shots!

Blog Post - Time for your shots

Time to get your Shots and other things to make my son not trust me!

So last week we had to make THE appointment at the doctors for my son.

You know the one!  Time to get up to date on all his vaccinations…

Nothing says it’s going to be a great day like waking up knowing your about to get stabbed multiple times by a nurse.

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Blog Post – Stop Eating Garbage

Blog Post - Stop Eating Garbage

My kids are awesome!  AWESOME!


I wish they’d be more willing to

Stop Eating Garbage and Eat Something HEALTHY Already!

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