5 Awesome, but NOT SO WELL KNOWN YouTube Channels for Toddlers

As a father of a 1 and 5 year old, finding time to get things done around the house is a chore in itself and placing them in front of a tablet is all to tempting.

As a parent though it’s also very important to get some quiet time as well.

First off, I’ll let you know that this list will not include more popular channels for children such as Sesame Street, The Wiggles, or PBS Kids.  It will link you to some of the lesser known channels which my kids absolutely LOVE!

So here is a short list of some of the BEST but not so well know YouTube channels I’ve found that are absolutely perfect for the little ones to enjoy… in moderation of course!

#5 – Mother Goose Club

Mother Goose Club is channel which features Music, Dancing, and just plain fun!  My kids love the fun music and colorful sets and costumes.

Prolonged exposure for parents might lead to insanity!


#4 – TinyTotsTV

TinyTotsTV is a little deceiving.  Anyone other than a caregiver who stumbles onto this channel might think it’s some strange person showing off toys, but HOLY SMOKES do toddlers LOVE this stuff!

Have you ever watched one of those unboxing videos for the Nintendo Switch or new Go Pro Camera or whatever else interests you?  Well this channel gives kids that same awesome feeling.  My 5 year old would site there quietly watching these videos for HOURS ON END if I would let him.  I’m totally not exaggerating.

The only video’s my son enjoys more are Surprise Egg Videos…

#3 – TheEngineeringFamily

Speaking of Surprise Eggs, TheEngineeringFamily offers a HUGE selection of videos which get uploaded almost daily.

They include Surprise Eggs, Shopkins, Toy Reviews, just about anything and everything a kid could love to watch!

They’ve found that “Sweet Spot” when it comes to the perfect channel for a toddler.

After watching how this family interacts, I’ve even been tempted to let my son record a few videos himself after watching all the fun they have.


#2 – Pancake Manor

Pancake Manor might actually be popular.  I honestly don’t know, but I had never heard of it before stumbling on it a few years ago looking for fun songs for my son to listen to.

While being 5, my son now has all but lost interest, but his little sister screams, jumps up and down, and dances here little heart out when it comes on.  Especially their version of “5 Little Monkeys

In my opinion, they offer THE BEST versions of popular children’s songs I’ve ever heard, and when it’s playing, it actually doesn’t make me crazy after 10 minutes.  I’ve even found myself still watching the videos in the background long after my kids have gone to bed.

#1 – Oddbods TV

This channel is gaining popularity, so it is possible that you have heard of it.

I have to include this in the list though!



The constant stream of laughter which erupts from him while watching this channel is pure joy!

My 1 year old however doesn’t really get it just yet, but loves watching her big brother in hysterics.

Did you enjoy this list?  Know of a channel you think should make the list?  Go ahead and link it below in the comments and share it with our readers.

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