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Good Morning, Afternoon, Night, whatever time it is that you are sitting there in your part of the world!

I’ve been working on this site for the past few weeks and exploring the inter-webs scoping out neighboring blogs with similar niches and it led me to creating this post.

After spending the past couple days getting a little too obsessed with “Twitter” @heyyouredblue (shameless plug) and I’ve noticed that a very large number of people I’ve followed don’t seam to be “People” at all!

In fact, numerous times now I’ve come across “Tweets” promoting one product or another shortly followed by a truck load of other users posting the same tweet (not re-tweets).

The disturbing thing I’ve noticed is how many of these products have little to nothing to do with what the user is trying to portray themselves to be.  I suspect many of these accounts might in fact be bots.


Why would “Multiple” Parenting oriented Bloggers be promoting a pill to increase your brain power?  I mean WHAT?!?!?!


Now, not everyone I’ve seen on Twitter appears to be a bot.  I’ve seen some genuinely funny tweets from parents out there that made me laugh out loud and some incredibly cute baby pics being shared.


So I KNOW there are real people out there.  I mean there has to be!


I’m asking this to those REAL people out there…

What is it that YOU want in a blog?

This is your chance to help shape!

  • Is there something that you’ve always wanted to know more about but don’t have the time to research?
  • Should any aspect of Hey You Red Blue change?


I’m reaching out asking for your genuine feedback.


I created this site with the intent to help families answer those hard to search for questions they often “google” and to be honest, make some money as well if I can.

I am a parent after all with two wonderful kids and want nothing more than to give them everything I can.

I do promise you this, I WILL NEVER promote a product that I do not fully believe in.

If you see a “Review” of a product on Hey You Red Blue, rest assured that my little ones have used that product and that I will be giving a 100% honest review of it to the best of my abilities.


You’re also never going to see a product that has “NOTHING” to do with what my site is about! Such as Billionaire Brain Pills!


On the same note, if you are a vendor and would like for me to “Review” your product, I’ll gladly do so if I can get a sample TO review, but expect it to be an honest review like I mentioned before.


So if you’re like me and would love to have a resource dedicated to helping out it’s readers then by all means follow, like, sign up, share…  all that jazz and NEVER be afraid to just ask questions and give me your feedback.


Sorry to get REAL, but I’ve struggled myself in the past to find information online and it bothers me when some bloggers can be so dishonest about what they are!

And please…  let me know in the comments or by email if there is anything you’d like to see here!


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