Blog Post – Time for your Shots!

Time to get your Shots and other things to make my son not trust me!

So last week we had to make THE appointment at the doctors for my son.

You know the one!  Time to get up to date on all his vaccinations…

Nothing says it’s going to be a great day like waking up knowing your about to get stabbed multiple times by a nurse.

I don’t blame him for being scared either!

Needles scare the hell out of me and I’m a 6’2″ tall grown man!

That look of absolute fear that instantly shoots across his adorable little face when you have to break the news to him is heart breaking.

You do the best you can to explain just why you need to get vaccinated, but you still have that dreaded feeling for him as the nurse walks in with that tray of sharp, pointy NEEDLES!

You know what really sucks?

The nurse actually asks you to help HOLD HIM DOWN!!!

So here I am standing over him, holding his little body down so he doesn’t wiggle to much.

His eyes screaming, “You are supposed to KEEP ME from getting hurt!”

Tears fill up his eyes as he tries his very best to stop this from happening……


Okay okay… I might be over dramatizing this a bit, but can you blame me?

My little “Mini Me” is in distress here, and I’M THE ONE who brought him.



That’s what I keep telling myself each time this sort of appointment comes up.

I can see how easy it can be to give into the who anti-vaccination movement when your child is terrified like that, but I know in the long run that it’s so much better for him to go through the “ten seconds of terror” to have a healthy childhood growing up.

I can’t imagine watching my child get sick and saying, “That vaccine that would prevent him from dying…  naw, that isn’t for me!”.

It boggles my mind!

So after a few short minutes of consoling my child.  Oh yea..  not only do you hold him down, but now I’m all like, “Lets just forget that happened and we’ll be all lovely dovey again.”

“Give me a hug Buddy! Want some Ice Cream?”

Yea that’s not going to screw with his head today!

Anyhow,  we get him all calmed down and finish up the appointment and he looks up and asks me, “Do I have to get more shots later?”.

“No Buddy, not for a long time!  You’re all done!”


Then the nurse looks over and says, “We’ve scheduled him in two day to get his blood checked for Diabetes.”.



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