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YouTube for Kids and TERRIBLE VIDEOS

How many of you have been sitting in a waiting room at the doctors office, or waiting for your waitress to get back with your food when your toddler starts to get “bored”.

We’ve all been there right?

“No Problem!”  You pull out your phone or tablet and find a fun video on YouTube for your little one in a desperate attempt to keep him entertained for a few minutes.

Everyone’s happy right?

Well… a few seconds into that Peppa Pig video, or a fun Toy Review video you notice something seams “Off”.

‘Hmmmmm’ you think to yourself, ‘I don’t remember Peppa Pig cursing so much’.

In a mad dash, which ultimately leaves your little one throwing a fit, you quickly snatch that device from him frantically hitting the HOME Button in an attempt to stop the stream of profanity from drawing even more eyes from around the room.



I can’t speak for these “Creators” as to WHY they make these videos.

I can’t even begin to fathom why creating a YouTube video featuring your children being the absolute worse versions of themselves and then spending the time editing and uploading that video for all the world to see sounds like a good idea.

What’s worse, is that they target these videos to kids!

YouTube fortunately has created a very special version of their app called YouTube KIDS!

Disclaimer: YouTube in no way has sponsored this article.  This is actual praise from an actual parent here!

This app is wonderful.  Not only does it allow you to set it up so it shows videos “Aimed” at certain ages, but it also allows you to completely BLOCK not only a video from ever being shown, but complete channels themselves!

Setup is quick and easy and to block a channel, all you have to do is click on the three (3) dots in either the video panel or channel panel and select the Block Channel/Video selection.  It’ll give you a 4 digit prompt to enter to confirm which is easy peasy!

Combine this with Guided Access and you can give you child a safe platform for watching fun videos.

Of course, I still strongly suggest monitoring what your child watches even when using this app!  Many of these “Creators” will actually create new channels just to get around this.


Channels I’ve Blocked…

These channels are absolutely terrible (Although I hear some parents actually Like Caillou).

Between teaching your children how to be absolutely horrible human beings and scaring the hell out of them with FAKE versions of their favorite shows, they offer nothing but the worst YouTube has to offer for children.

Now if the app would only allow use to Block videos with the phrase, “Bad Baby” in the title all together!


Do you know of a channel I haven’t listed here that NEEDS to be blocked?

Let me know in the comments below!

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