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Today I spent the majority of my day helping my mother to finish cleaning up her old house and getting it ready to sell.  

With my beautiful wife at work, and no one else available to watch the kids I spent the morning…


Working While Watching!


I absolutely love my kids!  Which is something that will become very apparent as more and more posts make their way onto

So when my Mother asked me to help her out last night, I wasn’t sure WHAT I was going to do so I ended up taking them with me.

After packing up the diaper bag with all the necessities and getting the kids dressed, we were on our way!

Fortunately, my mother has a great Play Area  (Way better then the one we have at home) which was great for keeping my 1 year old from getting into too much trouble!

My 5 year old was ALL OVER the place.  At that age, he is so eager to help out that most of the time he has no clue when he’s actually getting in the way.

Today he was being great!

He often made his way into Zoey’s Play Area  to help keep her busy with Blocks  or some of the Soft Dino Toys we brought to entertain her.

He’s an Excellent Brother!Logan Glasses

He quickly became my Mom’s “Helper” helping her where he can and with a smile on his face!


For helping, my Mother also packed a delicious lunch of PB&J’s with sides of Chips and Cookies.

As always, both kids dived strait into their cookie first, but to my satisfaction, they worked their way through everything and ate their entire lunch.

Not finishing his meal has been an ongoing issue for my son.  It’s not that he’s hungry, but he’s at that age where he knows what “other” goodies we have in the house and would rather try and “bargain” his way into getting that instead of what was made.  Of course he almost never wins that battle!

“Ya get what ya get, and don’t throw a fit!”


After cleaning rugs and moving out the last of my Mom’s stuff, we were FINALLY finished.  We packed up the Toys and  Play Area, and headed to the her new house to quickly unload the truck and go home.

Everyone was exhausted!

Overall, it was a pretty good day and the kids had a lot of fun.



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