Christmas Already?

It might be too soon for your little ones to make their Christmas Lists, but it’s never too soon to start filling it!
Many new parents tend to get hit hard financially when the calendar flips over into December.
It’s easy to forget about your child’s Christmas wishes this early in the year, but planning ahead now could lead to a smooth and stress free Holiday Season!

Throughout the year, you may find yourself with extra cash filling your pockets.

Especially when “Tax Season” comes around.

It’s all too tempting to go out and spend that extra loot on your little ones by getting them those toys that they’ve been eyeing.

While it’s not always a bad thing, it can present you with loads of opportunities to jump start your child’s wish list.

Use that extra cash and do a little…

Pre-Season Christmas Shopping!

  • Hit up the “Dollar Stores” to grab some fun and inexpensive toys to put away as stocking stuffers.
  • Clearance Sales happen ALL THE TIME!  Starting now will give you a ton of extra sales to hit throughout the year.
  • Finding SUMMER clothing can be a real hassle during the Christmas season so why not pick up a few outfits to gift them for next year. Just don’t forget that kids tend to grow during the year!

Does your child have a fairly expensive item you want to get them by Christmas?  Be it a new game system, computer, or tablet?

Write the name of the item on an envelope and start filling that envelope with some extra cash throughout the year.  You might surprise yourself at how fast you can reach that goal if you really put your mind to it!

Hide away that extra cash some place out of site so you aren’t tempted to “Dip” into it, and use your calendar to remind yourself of the extra money hidden away when December hits.  Don’t forget to add WHERE you hid it as well to the reminder.


All kids are different and have their very own wants and desires.  It’s up to you as a parent to learn just what the perfect gift for them might be.  Don’t panic though.  You have all year!


We all know the Holiday Season can be stressful!  Why not do your best to ease that stress ahead of time?


Do you have any Pre-Christmas Shopping ideas?  Let us know in the comments below!  And don’t forget to Share this article with friends on your favorite platforms as well!

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