Comment for the Sake of Commenting

A common trend I’ve been seeing in the Blogging Community is the expectations placed on you to comment on every blog you read.

But should I really Comment for the Sake of Commenting?

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I’m a fairly new blogger in this blogging world.  I’ve been doing my best to learn all the ins and outs of blogging, but when it comes to commenting on other peoples blog posts, I don’t always have something to say!

Linky’s have been a wonderful way to get blog posts out there for others to see, but one stipulation to using the them is to comment on the “Hosts” postings and some of the other posts linked up with your own.

I read a ton of these blog posts throughout the week, but lets face it.  The parenting community is mostly made up of Mom’s, with Mom issues like Breastfeeding, Child Birth, and other topics that I, as a Dad, just don’t really have an opinion on.

Sure, I could read a post about how you had to stay up till 2 AM pumping milk for your little one and think that that must suck, but should I really write that?

“Oh that must really suck to have to do that!”

That kinda goes without saying doesn’t it?

These are experiences that I could never have!

If you write a 2000 word post on your “Birthing” experience and I thought it was interesting, the best relate-able comment I could probably come up with would involve the fact that I won’t ever have to go through that.

“Wow that sounds painful, glad I’ll never have to do that!”

Now, not only am I commenting just because I’m expected too, but I also sound like a complete tool as well!

If I see a “Favorite” or “Like” button at the bottom of the post, I’ll gladly click on it, but if I just can’t relate, do you really want me commenting JUST to say “Chris was here!”



I know what it feels like to see that someone has commented on one of your posts in your inbox.  It’s an awesome feeling!  Sometimes that feeling gets completely squashed to moment I read a comment that was more than obviously written just for the Sake of Commenting!

I think from now on when I do read a post that I found interesting, but I can’t really relate to it in any way, I’ll simply comment with…

“Great post!  I can’t really relate to it, but I found it interesting and I enjoyed reading it!  Thank you!”

I would rather read comments like this if you just can’t think of anything to really say.

Of course, if you can relate, I would MUCH rather hear about your story and how it relates to mine!


What’s your take on Commenting just to Comment?  Do you do it?  Let me know in the comments below!  Unless of course you just can’t relate!

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