Course, Set, Sail!

Hey everyone!

It’s quickly coming up on Hey You Red Blues


That’s right, In 4 days we will be one month old.

So I’ve decided to let you all in on our progress so far.


When I launched Hey You Red Blue, I wanted it to be a place for learning and to educate parents on different techniques along with tips and tricks into making life easier with toddlers.

That is still VERY TRUE!

So don’t get all nervous that the whole site is going to change.

I’m really liking the “Look” of the site so far.  Although there are some minor improvements I’d like to add as the site grows.

I have decided that while we will still be providing the same great information, the tone of is going to change slightly to showcase the more “humorous” side of parenting.

Here is a list of “formats” that you will see scattered across the site…

  • Red Blue News – Site News and upcoming events.
  • Red Blue Reviews – Reviews of various products.
  • Blog Post – More Personal Articles and stories from our staff…  aka My Family!
  • Parenting – More Serious/Text Book style postings.  Generally postings with helpful tips and tricks and informational articles.

More formats may pop up as the site grows such as…

  • Good Treats! – As the site grows and we can get better photography equipment, I’d like to expand to offer fun Recipes for parents to make with their kids.
  • Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages – This one is obvious!  I’m pretty excited about this one and hopeful it will make it’s way onto the site soon!  In fact, if you are an aspiring artist and would like a little more exposure, feel free to draw up a few fun and simple coloring pages (8½x11) and we’ll be more than happy to post them for parents to download!  Send them to in either Jpeg or PDF formats and be sure to include your name and other information you’d like us to pass along with downloading your work!  We are very much into giving credit where credit is due!


We’ve also been looking into ways to “Monetize” the site through various techniques.

  • Amazon Links
  • Google AdSense

Hosting isn’t free unfortunately, and as a dad, it would be nice to have the extra money for fun activities.  We’d also like to upgrade our photography equipment as well to take better photos to use on the site itself.

We’ve added a “Sponsor” page which can easily be found at the top of every page so sponsors and advertisers can easily reach us.

I will not in any way accept a sponsor I myself do not believe in!  So if there is a review posted on Hey You Red Blue, it is in no way a “Pay to Push” product!  While I would love to make the extra money, I’m not willing to suggest a product that is… well..  “Junk”!

I’ve been curious as well about adding a Donate Page to allow our readers to help out if they’d like as well, but that idea is still up in the air.

EDIT: I went ahead and added that button in the Sidebar as an experiment to see what feels “Better” for the site!

SO please, let me know what you think about these methods or if you have any thoughts of your own!


I’ve also been promoting the site on Twitter quite a lot recently.  @heyyouredblue

So feel free to follow us!

We are ALWAYS looking for people to sign up for the newsletter as well!


All in all, this first month has been wonderful and I’ve learned a lot and would love to continue teaching and entertaining you all as the site grows!

Did you enjoy this article? Let us know what you think!

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