Father’s Day Plan

Each year we celebrate the most amazing and wonderful day of the year devoted to the most awesome of family members!

Okay, okay, I might be overselling it a bit, but it’s finally here!


The Plan

It’s the one day a year where Dad’s of all shapes and sizes can just kick back, relax, and curl up on the sofa or in our favorite chair and just watch the day pass calmly by as we marathon our favorite television program. Maybe enjoy a quiet morning drinking our favorite brew as we reminisce about that fishing trip we had a dream about the night before.

Yea right! I have kids, and young kids at that!

Sure the idea of wasting away my day not doing anything has it’s merits, but when you’re raising a one and five year old. Quiet moments are few and far between.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my little ones with a passion that can’t be compared too, but as “The Media” would have you believe, Father’s Day is just a day that Dad can disappear on the lake, sit back and watch the “Big Game”, or toil away the afternoon playing video games with his buddies.

If I wanted to do all of that, I wouldn’t have had kids in the first place!

I’m a Dad, and being a Dad is what I’m all about.

Waking Up!

This Father’s Day, I’ll most likely wake up around 7 am to the hunger cries of a 5 year old boy as he begins foraging through the pantry seeking that elusive box of Lucky Charms. If I don’t get out there soon, I’ll enjoy a whole lot of Lucky and very few marshmallow Charms the next time I want a bowl.

So as I crawl out of bed blurry eyed and make my way into the hall, I’ll be greeted by my 1 year old as she smiles and waves at me from the crib in her room.
With baby in hand, I’ll make my way into the kitchen just in time to find my son elbow deep in the cereal box digging for every last sugary sweet morsel.

No problem! I got this!

I’ll send the little ones to the living room where they can spend the next fifteen minutes distracted by one of their favorite shows while I hit the kitchen and make breakfast.

Oh, it’s going to be pancakes! Blueberry pancakes at that!

As I pull out the pancake mix from the pantry and get the griddle going, My son will inevitably run into the kitchen for what will be the first of many, “I’m Hungry”, moments as I cook.

As the breakfast smells make their way down the hall, my wonderful wife, Meli, will make her way out into the kitchen. She too loves blueberry pancakes, but surprise, surprise, I made bacon too!

Yep, I went ahead and got 5 lbs of bacon last week in preparation of this day. Bacon is hot commodity in this house and it goes fast! We’ve already made our way through 2 lbs of it!

With breakfast made and plates set at the table, it’s time to dig in.

Zoey, my daughter will devour everything on that plate with the ferocity of a lion.  My son, Logan, might be a different story.  I estimate a 50/50 chance that he will either go to town on it, or he managed to eat just enough cereal earlier to take a nibble of pancake and announce that he’s full.

Seriously, I’ve seen this kid actually waste strips of bacon.  BACON!


After breakfast, we’ll all curl up on the couch and watch a movie together. Most likely a kids movie featuring some watery princess with a rock.  If you’re a parent, you’ll know the one I’m talking about.  Go ahead and look in your Blu Ray player, it’s probably been on repeat for the past month now!

In this moment though, I couldn’t care less about what’s playing, because I have my two favorite little people snuggled up on either side of me and that’s what it’s about.

Five minutes into the film, my little boy, will look up to me with a smile and my heart will fill with joy as he says, “I’m hungry”.  For crying out loud!

This is his new favorite phrase right now, so it’s a sure bet I’ll be hearing it throughout the day.

When the movie ends, I’ll probably jump online to check various social media platforms and do a quick Stats check of my blog before gathering up everything needed to take the kids to the park before lunch.

If I’m feeling in a particularly optimistic mood, we might even pack a lunch and eat it there.

Play time, Park time

Park time is always a great time!  Logan has a blast playing on all the equipment and Zoey loves pushing herself to the limits attempting to follow her brother. (Supervised of course)

After lunch and the park, it’ll be time for Zoey to take a nap and quiet time begins.  Logan gets to pick out any activity he wants to do with one condition.

It has to be quiet!

He’ll most likely want to play with the tablet. Which is fine for Father’s Day, I’ll get some free T.V. time with Meli and we’ll catch up on one of our favorite shows together while Logan taps away at the other end of the sofa.  Most days, we’re all about moderation with the tablet, but today’s a special day, and he can enjoy himself.

As you may have guessed, five minutes into our show, Logan will announce that he is once again hungry!

After nap time, it’s playtime! This is usually the most chaotic time in our home. During playtime, the kids pretty much have the run of the house. Zoey will chase her big brother up and down the hall as both kids laugh hysterically. Often times, we’ll build blanket forts and Zoey will tear it down “Godzilla Style”.

Playtime usually lasts right up until it’s time to make dinner. At this point, it’s activity time as the kids sit at the table coloring, playing with flash cards, or books as either me or mommy prepares dinner.

Dinner’s On!

It’s Father’s Day so chances are good I’ll be grilling up something tasty like Steaks or Burgers and a few Hot Dogs for the kids.

After dinner, the kids will get their baths and we’ll begin our “Calm Down” time so the kids can mellow out before heading to bed. Usually, we’ll pick a movie the whole family can watch.

Around 8 pm, we announce it’s “Bedtime” and get the kids to their rooms. Logan will want his “Hugs, Kisses, and Loves” followed up by requesting a snack. We’ll tuck him in and proceed to do the same for Zoey.

We’ll finish off our night by watching another TV show or movie in bed before my wife passes out. I’ll head back out to the computer and do another media/blog check before heading to bed myself.

All in all, Father’s Day isn’t really all that different from any other day in my house.  You could say that every day is Father’s Day around here.

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  • June 20, 2017 at 6:32 am

    Great post, we have similar aged kids and by the sounds of it we had similar days too! Hope you had a good one in the end!


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