7 Things MY kids value more than MONEY!

Both my kids have “Piggy Banks” and they absolutely love when they get a shiny new coin or bill to shove into them!
My youngest has no idea WHAT money is, only being 1½ years old, but my oldest, at 5, is quickly learning it’s value.  Even if he thinks everything is a “Quarter”!
Luckily, there are a few things my kids value more than money!


Fruit Snacks!

Both my kids LOVE Fruit Snacks!

My son could be sick in bed, throwing up every 5 minutes, and STILL would say yes if I even hinted at giving him some.

My daughter instantly drops everything and squeals with delight and a quick “YES!” when she sees that bag!  It’s freaking adorable!


Goldfish Crackers!

No matter what flavor, Goldfish are a hit in this house and my son would give you ever single penny in his bank for just a small handful!

It’s kinda scary!


YouTube for Kids

HowToChildproofYouTube for Kids is like “Crack” for a toddler.

With the seemingly endless varieties of Toy Surprise videos and vids featuring everything from Orbiez to Shopkins, my son will (if I let him) sit there the entire day staring into my phone or tablet!

My daughter hasn’t caught the YouTube bug just yet, but she has no problems curling up on the couch to watch with her brother.


Shimmer and Shine!

Nothing sets my little girl off faster than that first note of the opening theme song to Shimmer and Shine!  With a quick run to the television, she’s yelling and pointing, shortly followed up by her VERY CUTE little dance moves.

After the song ends, she’ll sit quietly watching the entire show with the biggest smile on her face!


Mommy and Daddy Hugs

We absolutely love that both are kids get crazy excited when we enter the room.

Zoey will jump to her feet with a “MOMMY” or “DADDY” and her arms will reach up to you.  You can’t help but pick her up as she squeezes you tight all while saying, “Aww”.

I’ve been tackled by my son more times than I can count actually as well.


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Bath Time

I’ve heard some parents find bath time to be difficult.  I wouldn’t know!

The moment that water turns on, my little ones are practically fighting each other to get in.

Usually, it’s Zoey who gets the first bath due to her being the messiest eater ever.  After her, Logan gets to hop in, get washed up, and then we allow him to play with his bath toys till he either gets “Pruney” or the water starts to get cold.


Each Other

These two LOVE each other.  The amount of random hugs I see Zoey giving her brother is Heart Warming.

Logan and Zoey PhoneAnd nothing puts my son into a mini panic attack then hearing his little sister hurting.

I few weeks ago, Zoey had to get her immunizations done.  I swear my son, who was only 4 at the time, looked like he wanted to tackle that nurse after she poked his little sister and made her cry.

He really would do anything for her and I’m praying that as they get older, they never lose that special bond between them and that they will always be there for each other!



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