Let’s Play Kindergarten!

This afternoon we got hold of a very interesting game of mystery, intrigue, and betrayal.

A game where every decision could be your last!

Welcome to…


This Adventure game from Indie publisher SmashGames was a welcomed surprise.

Minutes into “Monday Morning”, we where beaten senseless by the school bully for having a bit to much cash on hand!

It wasn’t long before we found ourselves in a dysfunctional relationship with “Cindy” while playing house.  Selling drugs to the schools nerdy “Black Market” trader.  Or quickly learning there’s nothing scarier in Kindergarten than being sent to the principles office!

While the cast of characters is fairly small, we found it extremely entertaining discovering just how far a simple task like giving a yo-yo away would take us!

You might have figured it out by now, but…



Meli and I were pretty surprised when we got front row seats to our character getting a “Beat Down” from the Janitor for making a very small remark!



You can find it right now on Steam! (Not Sponsored)

The Details…

Kindergarten is a Single Player game with Full Controller Support.  We prefer to use our Rockcandy Xbox 360 wired USB controller (PL-3760).

Released on June 15,2017 by SmashGames and Developed by Connor Boyle and Sean Young.


Both my wife and I highly recommend picking up this fun little Indie game.  It’s a great entertainment while the kids are in bed!

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