Is Your Mobile Phone Hurting Your Parenting?

We love our phones, but do some parents love theirs more?

It’s becoming an increasing trend.  In a world of touch screens and “Facebook Moms/Dads”, more and more parents are ignoring what is the most valuable thing they own.  

No, it’s not their iPhone…

It’s their children!

Is YOUR mobile phone hurting your parenting?

You see it everywhere you go!

Nearly every gathering you can find someone staring into that little box in their hands, oblivious to the world around them.

  • In the store you might find that parent waiting in line with an bored and hyper toddler in the cart while they click away on their screens.
  • That parent playing Candy Crush while their child plays on the swings yelling, “Watch me!”
  • The table next to you, in the restaurant, filled with obnoxiously loud kids throwing food while their mother texts their best friend explaining how her, “Kids are out of control!”

Let’s not sugar coat it.

Prioritizing your Social Media over your children IS BAD PARENTING!

A growing number of people are using more and more social media to communicate and meet people, but this has a major problem.Mobile Phone 1

Your 2 year old can’t text you!

Children learn from everything you do.  Even if you aren’t directly speaking to your child, they are learning YOUR WORDS!

When you don’t speak, they don’t speak… and it WILL affect their communication skills.

Children who grow up with excessive phone and tablet use tend to struggle with speech.  Often unable to communicate clearly when they enter preschool.

A child who cannot communicate not only will have a difficult time in class, but they will have trouble making friends.  They’ll have a higher chance of disciplinary problems out of frustration when no one can understand what they want.


Using a mobile device isn’t necessarily a bad thing though.

You CAN find time to do your Face-booking and Tweeting without affecting your children.  But, if you must, keep it to a minimum and always let your little one know you’ll be right with them.


Just remember this…



Define a “Blackout Time” for the family when all devices must be put away.  Our family’s “Blackout Time” is dinner time.  When we sit at that table, all phones and tablets must be put up and any texts or notifications will have to wait until dinner ends.

It’s important to let your children know that they are your top priority.  Which should be 100% true for every parent.

If you can’t live without constantly monitoring your online life then you shouldn’t have children.  You clearly don’t have time for that!


So just remember next time you pick up that device to consider that it might not just affect you!


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