Red Blue Challenge! Day 2

8:30 AM (CT)

It’s day 2 of the Red Blue Health and Fitness Challenge!

I’ve gotten a ton of friendly support from all over the world!  It’s pretty awesome!

Here is a quick recap of my first day

So I began the day with doing Sit Ups and “Oh Boy”, I am “Out of Shape”!

I managed to get through about 30 before moving on to Push Ups.

I got through 20 of those.  I tried to do a bit more, but I don’t think the ones I did not count were done correctly.  I hit the floor!

Yea I suck at this!

Later on, after the kids had their lunch and Zoey went down for her nap I did it all over again with similar results.

I didn’t take a walk yesterday because I got to caught up in getting the house cleaned after the Holiday weekend. (US Memorial Day)  I am planning on starting the walking today.


What did I learn?

I am WAY out of shape!

Spending the last year not being active and eating garbage apparently wasn’t the best of choices!

So today, I’ll be doing the same routine and adding in the walk while hauling 2 kids in a wagon.



As time goes by, I’ll continue adding to my routine as I learn more about different workout techniques until I find a good mix that works well, without killing myself.

I’m also looking into getting a membership at the small fitness center here in town.  It’s pretty small, but they have some nice equipment and a swimming pool.  This might not be the best option since I do have a 5 and 1 year old with me 24/7 and can’t really watch them well in a gym environment.


I’m also still interested in possibly gaining a sponsor to help me with this challenge by providing the “proper” gear and equipment to workout at home.


I’m 100% determined to reach my 6 months goal!


Thank you all for the support and I’ll continue to keep everyone up to date on my progress.

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