Red Blue Reviews – 4Moms Mamaroo Baby Swing

Back in 2012, after the birth of our son Logan, we purchased a Mamaroo Baby Swing (Black) with a BONUS Red Cover.

He absolutely loved it!

It was one of the best purchases we made for the little guy.  The gentle motion along with the calming sounds (His favorite was the “Womb” Sound) quickly relaxed him and put him right to sleep after a warm bath.


When we purchased the Mamaroo, it came with…

  • Two Covers.  One Black, and one Red and Black
  • An Overhead Toy Mobile with Reversible PADDED Toys
  • Power Supply
  • and a Short Audio Cable to connect to an audio source, such as an iPod (Newer models appear to come with Bluetooth Support.)

Other features it supports include…

  • 5 unique motion such as Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock a Bye, and Wave
  • Adjustable Reclining Seat
  • Bluetooth Support for the 4Moms App which allows you to control the swing over your home network (Newest Model)
  • 4 Hour HIDDEN Timer.  After 4 hours of constant motion, the Mamaroo will automatically shut down.
  • and what became one of my favorites…  removable EASY TO WASH Cover!


Removing the cover is as simple as unzipping a jacket.  Two Zippers on both sides of the cover easily allowed us to switch it out with the bonus cover while we washed to dirty one.  I strongly suggest that if you do buy this, you consider buying an additional Cover.

There is also an option to get an Infant Seat and Swing Insert which we didn’t get at the time. 🙁


Overtime, Logan got too big for the swing and could no longer use it.  We ended passing it on to a friend before out little girl was born.

This swing is NOT intended for Overnight Sleeping.  It’s meant for short Naps and to keep the child occupied!

The Cons…

  • Price – The Mamaroo is a bit more expensive than a standard baby swing.
  • Size – While the Mamaroo has a small footprint compared to other swings out there, it was a bit bulkier than expected at 19 lbs.
  • Small Footprint – As our son got bigger, he got more active and a while it never happened, one good sideways jump could cause the device to tip over. Although the 4Moms Website suggests not to use this swing past 25 lbs.
  • The Zipper – While the zipper made changing the cover a breeze, it also made cleaning the device side zipper a pain when a little milk made it’s way to it.
  • The 100% Poly Cover felt a little rough.  A lot of times we found ourselves placing a blanket over the cover before strapping our son in.


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