Red Blue Reviews – Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Our last review of the 4Moms Momaroo Baby Swing featured a product which my son enjoyed very much.  Eventually, we did get bigger and quickly discovered a new favorite.

The Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

We were gifted this wonderful jumper by my mother.  In the beginning, his little feet could barely touch the floor on the Jumparoos lowest setting.
But he loved it none the less!

The jumper features a 360 Degree playing area which he could get to by rotating the seat with his body.  When he could reach the floor that is!

The Playing Area came equipped with Spinners, Sliding Beads, Mirror, and Fun Animals hanging above him.

As a bonus, every time he’d bounce, the jumper would make all sorts of fun noises and lights.

I’d very much recommend this Jumper to anyone with a small baby.

I must warn you though, the footprint of this jumper is very large.  If you are already tight on space in the home, I’d pass and move onto something smaller.  The odd shape of the frame also made for awkward transport of the Jumper.  Doorways are not this things friend.

With 3 adjustable heights, this jumper did last a very long time before Logan was able to stand on his own and could no longer fit.

Cleaning the Jumparoo was a breeze!  Although not as easy as the Mamaroo, detaching the fabric was fairly easy.  A quick run through the Washer and it was good as new.


The Cons..

  • The Large frame really takes up a lot of space and is difficult to transport.

That’s really about it!

It really was a great product that my son LOVED!

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