Red Blue Reviews – Kleeger Baby Wading Kiddie Pool

As the weather warms up and Summer starts creeping it’s way around the corner everyone needs a way to cool down.  Today we review the…

Kleeger Baby Wading Kiddie Pool


At just under 4 feet across (47.5″ x 47.5″) this little pool offers plenty of room for your infant and toddler to splash around.

The pool itself (on a flat surface) only gets about 3 inches deep, so the risk of drowning is minimal, but with any standing water, it’s best practice to not leave the little ones unattended in this thing.  The company recommends this product for 12 months and up!

A nice bonus to this pool is not having to “Blow it up”.  The sides of the pool actually fill with water which is continually supplied by a standard garden hose.  Making set up very easy and fast!

The garden hose also keeps the “Water Spraying” along the edges.  A good rule of thumb is to hang out by the Water Supply until the pool starts spraying so you can adjust the pressure.

The Hose Adapter is made of pretty durable material and should last for the duration of the pool itself, which is also made from some high quality plastic.  If you do happen to poke a hole in it, the supplier includes a handy “patch” inside the box as well.

With the Brightly Colored Fish and the constant Spraying, this little pool is great way for the little ones to cool off on those hot, sunny days.


The Cons…

  • Having to run the hose at all times can really add up. $ $ $
  • Prolonged use WILL create a lot of overflow so be thoughtful of where you setup.  A leaky basement might be an issue if you are too close.
  • While there are sections of the bottom which fill with water, it doesn’t offer a lot of padding between your toddler and the ground.  I recommend setting up on a soft surface

It’s a fun product overall and the kids will be begging to set it up!


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