Red Blue Reviews – RioRand Comics Cartoon Dress Up Costumes Satin Capes with Felt Masks

I can’t speak for your little ones, but mine LOVE superheroes and this set of Capes and Masks makes for a SUPER awesome day!  So check out this Red Blue Review of

RioRand’s Comic Dress Up Costume Satin Capes with Felt Masks

Zoey Loves them tooWhen these capes arrived my son HAD to open every one and spent the next 10 minutes trying them on in front of the mirror.

On any given day I can find him darting out of his room adorned with cape and mask “flying” to “fight the bad guys”.

He also has a blast putting them on his little sister!

We’ve all ordered something that looked great and when it arrived, we discovered that it’s not really up to your quality standards.  These capes met and exceeded them!



The Pros…

  • The Satin on the capes is VERY soft and feels great to the touch.
  • The Seams looked to be very well sown, My sons had the capes for a few months now and they look just as good as they did when we got them.
  • The Velcro which holds the ends of the cap together around your child’s neck is also sown on very well and shows almost no sign of wear and tear.


The Cons…

  • The Felt masks LOVE to gather all the fuzz and hairs they can find.
  • Spider-man never wore a cape and Superman never wore a mask.


Overall, these capes are worth it if your little one is into Superheroes.







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