Six Months

We’re quickly coming up the the Six Month Anniversary of Hey You Red Blue’s Launch!

I’ve had a ton of fun with this site, and loads more on twitter @heyyouredblue

Recently the Red Blue Family has moved to a whole new house and we’ve begun a new adventure of HOME OWNERSHIP!


We can finally do what we want with the place, but that’s a different post!

What this post is about!

This post is about you!  That’s right, the readers of Hey You Red Blue!

Up until now, this site has had a, for lack of a better word, “Rocky” run.

I’ve considered a complete reformat of the site to focus on a different “Niche” altogether.

Then I’ve gone back and taken a look at the more successful posts and noticed a trend.

Post where I tend to speak more of my mind seam to get more attention.

For instance, the ARE YOU TRYING TO HURT YOURSELF post got a load of views along with the STOP EATING GARBAGE post!

Other posts which I thought would gain a lot of traction just fell flat and well.. HARD!  Like the “Little White Lies” series.

What’s this all mean?

It means that I’m asking for your help!

In order to “Fine Tune” our site, I’m asking you which posts do you enjoy the most?

Would you rather I didn’t hold back and just wrote what was on my mind?

How many NEW posts would you like to see per week?

Should I start a Vlog? might be my site, but without you, the reader, it might as well be a Myspace page!  Remember those?

So let me know what you would like to see?

Thanks for following me on this blogging chapter of my life, and I hope you’ll continue following me for many more posts!

How can you let me know?

Easy…  You can simply comment below on this post!

Mention me via Twitter by adding @heyyouredblue to your tweets!

or just send me a direct email at!

Did you enjoy this article? Let us know what you think!

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