The Move is OVER!!!

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve written a new post.

I’ve been moving!  Get over it!

But…  I’m back baby!

We’re all moved in and totally not even close to settled.

Earlier today, we did the “Walk Through” with our previous landlord to make sure we left everything in the old apartment in “Satisfactory” condition.

I have to say, the place looked better this morning that it did when we originally moved in.

Rugs Cleaned, nail holes all patched up, and floors mopped.  I even scrubbed the walls!

Here’s hoping we get our deposit back!

The move!

The move was… “Painful”!

And by painful I mean, “OMFG I’m sore!”

Lugging all that heavy furniture, toys, and clothing down that flight of stairs and moving it into the new house really kicked my butt!

Being a stay at home dad has not been very nice to my body.  I’m way to out of shape.

My brother-and-law and step-father were nice enough to help me out on the last day with the furniture that was a bit too large and bulky to move myself, like the sectional sofa and fridge.

The new place is awesome!

The kids are really loving all the extra room they now have to run and play.

We especially love the fact that we no longer have anyone living below us.  We can blast our music or movies as loud as we like now and no one can complain.

My son can jump and run all day through the house.

Well… that is until it drives me nuts and I make him stop.

My daughter, Zoey, is loving all the room to play as well.  Unfortunately for her, I’ve had to “Gate off” half the house for the time being for her so we can unpack the more “dangerous” items for a one year old.  Mostly kitchen stuff!

They both LOVE having their very own Play Room.  Which I have to say is pretty awesome for me since the living room is not completely buried in toys.

The end of a long move!

We had a mini celebration tonight with just Meli, the kids, and I by having a small bonfire in the backyard where we roasted hot dogs and made s’mores!

Now, it’s time for bed.  Tomorrow is going to be another long day of unpacking!

See you next blog!

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