Time for a change of scenery!

Big news everyone!

Some of you may have caught wind of this on Twitter, but we’re upgrading to a home by the end of the month!

Living month by month renting has finally taken it’s toll and we’re very happy to say, “No More!”

So if you have been wondering why I haven’t been so “Post Happy” the past couple days, it’s because we are working hard to set up this move and make things go as smoothly as possible!



Along with the move, Meli and I have arranged for a special surprise for the kids when we get there.

We’re adopting two very adorable kittens.  One Black, and One Pepper Grey which we’re naming GiGi and Dottie.

The kids have never had a pet to call their own and although these little guys will belong to the whole family, I’m sure that they’ll love and cherish having them around.

I’m looking forward to blogging about the move and future Home Improvements around the new house.  

We’ve got a lot of great plans for it too.

It really is such an exciting time for our family!

I’m especially excited for the ability to finally do whatever I want with our home without having to ask for permission from a landlord.  

I can make repairs without having to wait around for someone else to give the go ahead.  

I can remodel to my hearts content without worrying about eviction.

I’m just so excited, but at the same time, I’m getting super stressed out about it too!

My oldest, at 5, understands what is happening, and he is very excited.  

My one year old has no clue, but I’m sure she’ll love the MUCH bigger area to play in!

I’m eager to start packing up everything in site and getting it moved over as soon as possible, but we have to wait another week before we can begin the moving process.  

Hopefully by NEXT Sunday we will be 100% moved in and I’ll be working on a “Just moved in” blog post then!

Did I mention how exciting this is?

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