TWITTER – Follow Fridays #FF and how to maximize your exposure.

If you frequent the “Twitterverse” then you’ve probably come across the hashtag #FF or Follow Friday.

This hashtag is used to not only give some of your favorite Twitter Users some extra exposure, but if done correctly will also gain you plenty of additional followers as well.

The first thing to mention about #FF is to use it ON FRIDAYS!

It’s very tempting to find that one user you absolutely love to hear from and give them a #FF shout out, but it’s a wasted tweet if you’re trying to gain followers.

To make the most out of it, you should shout out to as many Users as you can in that one tweet and be sure you actually do enjoy their content.

Why does this work?

When a user is mentioned in an #FF tweet, they tend to not only “Like” the tweet, but they’ll most likely “Retweet” that same tweet to all of their followers as well.

Now your tweet has not only been seen by your followers, but it has just been posted to a whole new list of followers to see as well.  The more users you have on that list, the more “Retweets” you’ll potentially get along with more users to see it!

And every single tweet in that chain will have “Your” twitter handle attached to it!

This is GREAT for you, but don’t feel guilty in any way.  The same exact principle also works for everyone on that list as well!

Don’t “Bot Post”

It’s also good practice to ad some substance to your #FF tweet as well.

Don’t just type…

“#FF @user1 @user2 @user3 etc.”

That looks terrible and frankly, no one is going to jump at the chance to follow you.

By making the message more personal, you’ll also make the tweet more “Readable”

“Hey everyone, please check out @user1 @user2 @user3!  They’re the best! #FF”

Not only does this look better, but to the users you are giving a “Shout out” to, it feels more sincere!  Which it should be.

If you spend all you time tweeting nothing but hashtags and user names, people will start to feel like they’re just stepping stones to get you more followers and will most likely “Unfollow” you.

As a final gesture, try your best to “Retweet” any shout outs that you get from great users by Quoting the Retweet with your “Thanks You” instead of simply replying.  (Make sure they’re not a bot/spam account of course.)

This makes it much easier for your own followers to see their twitter handle and hopefully you can help them gain additional followers as well.

So remember…

  • Be Honest and Sincere
  • Don’t Bot Post
  • Shout out to users you “ACTUALLY ENJOY”
  • Do your best to “Retweet” a shout out to you!


If you keep all of this in mind when using the #FF Hashtag, not only will you help out your fellow “tweeters”, but you might also gain some new followers as well!



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