We Need a Logo!


Every great site needs an equally great logo!

While our site is in it’s infancy, we don’t have the funds to commission an artist.

That’s why I’m reaching out to the community in search of someone who can create an awesome Logo that we can use to represent Hey You Red Blue!

So, we’re holding a bit of a contest!

How’s it work?

Simply email us with an ORIGINAL Logo!

Be sure to Include your Name, Website, and Email that we can reach you with if we have any questions.

We’ll continue reviewing each submission until we find that PERFECT Logo!

If your Logo is selected, it will become the OFFICIAL Hey You Red Blue Logo and will be displayed proudly at the top of our site.

The chosen artist will also be credited for creating the logo in our About Us section and a link to the artists page will also be included.

How to enter?

Email your Submissions to…


Be sure to include y

our Name, Website, and Preferred Email (For questions)

Here is what we’re looking for…


No more than 1000px wide and 400 px tall.

The name Hey You Red Blue represents our children…  Red (Zoey – 1), Blue (Logan – 5).  If you can somehow include a young boy and girl in the logo to represent them that would be great, but not required.

Red Blue is a Parenting Site!  Mostly from a Dad’s perspective.

I’d love the logo to be “Cute”, but not “Crazy My Little Pony Cute”.


Of course, if you can think of something else and want to submit it it, go right ahead!  I’m not an artist in any way.  I’m sure you’ll have much better ideas than anything I can think up right now!


If you have some spare time and want to help a blogger out, It would be most appreciated!


Thank you!

Chris @ Heyyouredblue.com

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